Fri 26 Feb 2021

Mixed emotions as Gympie council shuts caravan park

Mixed emotions as Gympie council...

Residents of the Gympie Caravan Park have been left in the lurch following Gympie council's decision to shut the park over health and safety concerns.

South Burnett man flown to hospital to have metal rod removed from leg

South Burnett man flown to...

A South Burnett man in his 60s was flown to hospital to have a rusty metal rod removed fro his leg after he tripped and was impaled by it.

Amazing vision of space junk re entering the atmosphere in Hervey Bay

Amazing vision of space junk re...

A Hervey Bay local has captured the moment space junk enters the atmosphere along the coast of Australia.

Dramatic aerial footage of Northern NSW train derailment

Premium Content Dramatic aerial footage of...

NSW Fire and Rescue have released aerial footage showing the extent of Thursday's train derailment at Nana Glen, west of Coffs Harbour. The 1500m long goods train was...

Huge light over Bundaberg's skies

Huge light over Bundaberg's...

Locals reported hearing two distinct, loud bangs, like "sonic booms".

Thu 25 Feb 2021

Police execute drug raids on the Fraser Coast. Video Queensland Police

Police execute drug raids on the...

Police execute a search warrant. It was part of a six month investigation into a drug syndicate on the Fraser Coast, which resulted in 17 arrests.

Ballina council's heated debate over councillor invited to IWD event

Ballina council's heated debate...

Ballina council had a heated debate over a male councillor invited to an IWD event organised by the local chamber of commerce.

Carpet snake devours possum in Bulburin National Park

Carpet snake devours possum in...

Gladstone Region resident Justin Western captured the terrifying moment a carpet snake devoured a ‘kangaroo-sized’ possum in Bulburin National Park.

Natural soaps made on the Darling Downs

Natural soaps made on the Darling...

Activated Charcoal Soap, Jersey Milk Soap - a touch of organic luxury made in Highfields.

Caloundra sharks

Caloundra sharks

Caloundra Sharks rugby league are looking forward to the start of the season after a big win in their first trial match.