YouTube channel shows off fishing in Gladstone

A GLADSTONE fisherman has been building a collection of YouTube videos from the region's waterways after moving back here 18 months ago.

Chris Long moved back to Queensland after living in South Australia.

He said the fishing was a lot different in the southern state.


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"There's not really many salt water river and estuary systems or tropical fish species like you find up here in Queensland," Chris said. 

"So it's been good fishing back up this way around the rivers and estuaries, like I grew up with."

Chris said targeting barramundi in Gladstone and snagging them consistently was a good challenge that kept him interested.

His latest footage is from earlier this month, featuring barra caught on live mullet.

"I was live baiting a local rock bar and battling 25-30 knot winds," he said.

"Three barras were landed - 72cm, 74cm and 86cm - and a few were dropped. All tagged and released."

You can check out Chris's YouTube channel here.