Tillymash or Natasha Moore and Milly Deefholts as they appear on their EP cover on iTunes and GooglePlay.
Tillymash or Natasha Moore and Milly Deefholts as they appear on their EP cover on iTunes and GooglePlay.

TillyMash continue their success

ONLINE music streaming of the songs of Grafton teenage singing duo TillyMash has hit 100,000 and the popularity of their music shows no sign of diminishing

The pair of Grafton High School Year 8 students, Milly Deefholts and Natasha Moore, released an EP of four songs just before Christmas, under the label of Grafton recording studio and recording label, Space Shed.

One of the songs, their cover of the winning song on the third series of the X Factor USA, Little Do You Know, has been the one making most of the noise.

The girls' music teacher, backing musician and owner of the Space Shed studio, Greg Schubert, said the tally of streams topped 100,000 over the weekend..

The majority of the streaming is occurring in Europe, the UK and USA.

Mr Schubert said numbers of people streaming the songs jumped significantly on Thursday, and he predicted the tally would continue to grow. "Over the past 30 days some people listen to the song once, others have listened to it up to 20 times," he said.

"Each one is a subscriber and the number of subscribers has been rising at about the same number, with the biggest rises about 800 or 900 a day.

"On Thursday for the first time the number of new subscribers jumped by 3130. I thought then that we could have 100,000 streams in the next few days."

Mr Schubert said there appeared to be a correlation between the number of times the song is streamed and a sale.

"It seems that for every 100 streams we get a sale on the current figures," he said. He said the girls' popularity continues be based in Europe, with Germany, Norway and the UK creating most interest.

"We did get a spike in streams from Australia that correlates with the story on them in The Daily Examiner," he said.

"The number of Australian streams jumped from 165 to over 500 just after that story appeared."

The duo's success has prompted the parents and Mr Schubert to schedule a meeting soon to discuss what they will do in the future.

"Making a video is one of the things we have to discuss," he said. "But we have to decide if we make it from the song that's going so well now or something new from the girls.

"It could be we've missed the boat this time, but we weren't expecting this level of success this time."