New youth council will give young people a say

THE Gladstone Regional Council is reaching out to the youth of Gladstone by helping them become more involved in the democratic process.

It has approved the formation of a youth council, which will advise the GRC on all things youth.

The new youth council will have nine members from across the region, aged 15-24 years.

The council has been trying in recent times to connect with the youth of Gladstone, with 2011 Census figures indicating more than 20% of Gladstone resident are between the ages of 10-24.

Mayor Gail Sellers said the youth council would be an opportunity to gain a new angle on things.

"The aim is to get a different perspective... I can't fully identify with youth," Cr Sellers said.

She said the young people would tell council what needs were in different areas.

Recruitment for the youth council will begin soon, with the first meeting pencilled in for May.