He told the delivery driver: 'Don't worry about it, give me the whole bag.' (File photo)
He told the delivery driver: 'Don't worry about it, give me the whole bag.' (File photo) Rob Williams/Queensland Times

You're a nice bloke, hungry thief tells unlucky delivery man

A THANKFUL pizza thief praised the victim he lured to a suburban street.

Michael James Walsh was grateful again on Thursday - for the leniency a judge showed him.

In April 2016, mayhem erupted when Walsh and two other people went to a Chinchilla house, demanding $30.

Prosecutors said the 19-year-old resident who answered the door was "immediately assaulted”.

The resident put one attacker in a headlock - but was bitten on the arm and his house trashed.

One attacker broke a TV, throwing pieces of it at the victim.

Brisbane District Court heard Walsh, now 21, didn't instigate the attack but threw an iPod dock at the resident.

A co-offender hurled a vacuum cleaner through a window.

In September of that year, Walsh ordered pizza to a random Brisbane southside address and lurked outside.

The driver arrived.

The court heard Walsh, holding a knife, told him: "Don't worry about it, give me the whole bag.”

The driver complied.

Walsh told him he was a "nice bloke.”

"He probably didn't think the same about you,” Judge Bernard Porter told Walsh.

Defence counsel Julian Noud said Walsh's motivation for the robbery, "as ridiculous as it sounds,” was hunger.

The bag had four pizzas, two garlic breads and $10 cash.

Mr Noud said his client grew up in Toowoomba and Emerald and had lived in Roma.

He said Walsh was raised well but ice abuse afflicted him.

"Young men do silly things,” Mr Noud added.

The Crown wanted more than four years' jail.

Instead, Walsh got three and a half.

Judge Porter said Walsh was young, with good rehab prospects, and had spent 245 "sobering” days in custody.

Because of time served, Walsh can apply for parole on September 28.

"That's a bet by the community acting through me that you'll take advantage of that leniency,” Judge Porter said.

The judge said Walsh indulged "about as much stupidity as one young man can have” without "things going horribly wrong.”

Walsh thanked the judge, who added: "Stay away from the drugs, stay focused on what's important in life.” -NewsRegional