Your vision: A ‘unified, well connected region’ for 2035

Outcomes of the Vision 2035 study have revealed that employment, health, and the cost of living are the top three priorities for Gladstone Region over the next 20 years, and a 'unified, well connected region' will help achieve success in those areas and others.

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Launching the results of the study at BAM today, Gladstone region Mayor Gail Sellers said: "To achieve a unified and well connected region, we need to work together to establish a unique identity, make well-informed decisions for our future, maintain a strong economy through innovation, and improve access through seamless infrastructure and services."

The Gladstone Region Vision 2035 project was a whole-of-community visioning project that took place over a five-month period from December last year to understand where residents want the region to be in 20 years' time.

The project was founded by Gladstone Regional Council, Rio Tinto, Queensland Alumina Limited, Gladstone Ports Corporation, and Australia Pacific LNG.

Ten members of our community volunteered to steer the visioning process, which involved collating data and responses into a simplified vision that reflects broad community concerns and aspirations.

Visioning committee chair Owen Nevin said: "The Vision 2035 process not only captured the most visionary, the most leading, and the most creative ideas for our region, but also what we need to do to make them happen."

Almost 800 residents from across the region had input into the project through an online survey, illustration post cards, and public workshops.

"The visioning document was created by our community, for our community," Prof Nevin said. "Based on an analysis of the views and perspectives provided by residents during the consultation period, the report describes the different strengths, weaknesses, trends and opportunities facing our region across a range of economic, social and environmental factors."

Speaking on behalf of the Vision 2035 founding partners, Mayor Sellers said: "The Vision 2035 document will also be an important reference document for the founding partners to use when planning local social investment strategies."