Plenty of news to read about in your community newspaper

ARE you missing out on things happening in the community?

Maybe it's time to start reading the Community Advocate.

The weekly community paper is available from every Monday, delivered to some suburbs and supermarkets.

Next week's will feature some great community news.

A mum of two has created a Facebook group to help other parents who find themselves "thrown into the deep end" when their child is diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy.

There's already over 200 members and it has proven to be a huge help.

Local kids are showing off their talent in a youth theatre group, while mums are striding their way to better health with the help of Gladstone's Physio and Fitness and their strollers.

Find out more about an Autism Queensland initiative in Gladstone, helping children under the age of seven reach their communication and social skill goals.

This is just some of what's in store for the September 16 Community Advocate, so don't forget to pick up your copy.