YOUR STORY: Artist with a heart of gold launches exhibition

THE official opening of local artist Jean Kane's "Island Art" Exhibition at Tondoon Botanic Gardens was a wonderful evening with may paintings purchased.

Jean, an incredibly talented local artist, is a long term resident of Gladstone for approximately 40 years and now lives on Curtis Island.

She took up painting 35 years ago and it is her passion!

Her paintings are amazing and varied, with use of charcoal, oils & acrylic.

She has a heart of gold and over the years regularly donates paintings to worthy causes including Rotary, R.S.P.C.A, Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Services, Port Curtis Day Respite and Breast Cancer Research assisting them with their fund raising.

Jean by profession is a teacher and taught primary school pupils in Gladstone today she is more than happy to give advice to upcoming artists.

The exhibition:
The Jean Kane "Island Art" Exhibition
Venue: Tondoon Botanic Gardens - in rooms near the Kiosk
The Exhibition is open daily from 9am - 4pm
Closing Date: Sunday 29/11/2015