Many readers say they agree with Deb Frecklington’s plan to trial youth curfews.
Many readers say they agree with Deb Frecklington’s plan to trial youth curfews.

YOUR SAY: Why LNP curfew plan is a good idea

READERS react to state opposition leader Deb Frecklington announcing the LNP would introduce laws to keep kids off the streets after dark if elected.

In the six-month trial in Queensland, in crime hot spots Townsville and Cairns, children aged 14 and younger would need to be indoors by 8pm, or by 10pm for 15-17-year-olds.


“A lot of these children have terrible upbringings coming from homes filled with drugs, alcohol and violence and this is why they escape and roam the streets and end up in trouble. Branding them as criminals from a young age only causes them to go further down that road. More money needs to go into working with families to sort out the causes rather than just hitting them with penalties that do not address the causes and just allows the problem to perpetuate.”

Joan Kindelan

“How about punish the criminals appropriately and put the fear of reprimand and put responsibility back onto them. No, cause kids who are doing the right thing get punished and the kids who don’t will still go and break the law. What will work is if suddenly kids get punished and have strong consequences and not a slap on the wrist.”

Helen Sutherest


“Actually, I see her plan as verging on racism, though I respect she probably didn’t realise that such is likely to be the way it would work out in practice!”


“This is the only sensible suggested proposal I’ve heard from her. If parents won’t do the job of controlling their children, then the police or warrant officer will. They should charge parents $50 for each time each child breaks curfew. Then give that money to a homeless education plan to get them into jobs and living again.”


“I see police state, police drones spying on everyone Queensland will become a cross between the worst of Victoria and SA.”