IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Claims that wind farms are a health threat are being taken seriously by the Federal Government.
IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Claims that wind farms are a health threat are being taken seriously by the Federal Government. ANGELA Harperaap

YOUR SAY: Residents welcome wind farm in Gladstone

GLADSTONE residents would welcome the news of a wind farm on its coastline.

This week we reported that Gladstone was named one of the top spots for a possible wind farm, due to its shallow coastline and wind speed.

With one of the shallowest coastlines in Australia and an average annual wind speed of 6.4 metres per second, sustainable energy Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf rates Gladstone's potential for an offshore wind farm among the highest in Australia.

When we asked our social networkers if they would support a wind farm in Gladstone, most responded with positivity.

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Gladstone's coastline is one of the best on the east coast to build a wind farm, due to our shallow waters and wind speeds. Would you like to see a wind farm built in Gladstone?

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dave Murray: Yes, I have seen these work in many other places and I believe they would be a welcome addition to the area. The only problem being where would they go? because anywhere that would be perfect would be snapped up by developers.

Lorraine Givney: I think they are an unnecessary eye-sore that creates harmful noise. This country has plenty of solar power potential - why also install wind farms?

Greg Wilson: As long as it's built by local people and is viable why not. Solar is getting more efficient so should be incorporated. Local smelters demand massive power so would reduce coal emissions

Kerry McDougall Perrie: Well our son who was born in Gladstone, and has since married a Dutch girl and is living in The Netherlands. He Tried with a company he was with to sell here in Gladstone, Central Qld , with NO luck, we would have loved him to be the Electrician/Saleman for here but sadly no company wanted anything to do with Wind Power. He is now getting his Engineering degree over there and working for a well known Energy Company. Sad we were over there and I think that is the best energy for the future.

Christopher Jones: As long as you are happy to have a coal/gas fired power station to provide power when the wind don't blow. May you not be on the operating table when the wind gods decide not to blow, oh! but there is a back up generator! He He exactly!

Peggy Sowden: It would be great for the economy

Ananta Kolesky: Yes! And solar as well, we literally have an endless supply!!

Terry Matthews: Yep. And i got rope access so I'll be a turbine tech.

David Halls: Great news for an expanding 'industrial town'

Will Goltz: Do it. Its a move in the right direction away from fossil fuels

Pete Left: As long as its not built next to me.