Your say: 'Gladstone tax' is alive and well

GLADSTONE residents have for years believed there is a 'Gladstone tax' applied to items they purchase because of the high wages in town.

The Observer's business columnist Bob Lamont this week wrote about his experiences with the 'tax' after spending time in Brisbane.

Mr Lamont said he had come back to Gladstone and noticed that diesel was 10 cents a litre more than in Brisbane, and a bottle of Bundaberg Rum was $16 more than at the same franchise in the city.


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We asked our Facebook likers if they had seen the Gladstone tax applied to anything recently.

Samantha Dwyer said she had gone to a pool shop to get a replacement part for her chlorinator and was quoted $800.

She found the exact same model online for $390 from another Queensland business.

Chantelle Amos said food was more expensive in Gladstone.

"I was just talking to mum, who bought a cauliflower for $2 in Maryborough yesterday. I paid $3 for half."

Gavin Lassig said a mate had bought a packet of cigarettes in Woolworths Bargara and it was $5 cheaper than in Gladstone.

However, Lea Lee found fresh food cheaper in Gladstone than in Brisbane.

"I travel to Brisbane regularly and find the price of fresh food down there is double to triple what I pay here," she said.

"But then again I don't shop at the large two supermarkets for my fruit and vegetables. Shop local and you will save."

Here's what else commenters said:

Nathan Bedford: I agree there is definitely questionable pricing sometimes in Gladstone but things in Brisbane are always going to be cheaper. There are more people/consumers there than here so they can run on a lower profit margin.

Jacqui Betts: It was the same years ago comparing here to Mackay. I found Mackay a lot more expensive than Gladstone.

Fuel was more, food and takeaways were definitely more. It sucks but that's life.

And how can you compare a city the size of Brisbane to here? I lived out west and paid $1-$3 more for average food items, $5 for a loaf of bread that came in frozen and at least 50c extra a litre for fuel.

Kaya Elkins: An enchilada at Guzmans is an extra $2.

Stephen Rankin: Diesel in Boyne Island has been about 10-14c per litre cheaper than Gladstone for weeks if not months. That includes both BP and Caltex.

Amy and Sean Quinlan: Was quoted $1400 for brakes on 4wd. Went to Brissy and paid $700 with a service!

Rochelle Liggins: Coffee frappe at McDonalds - $5.60 in Brisbane, $5.80-ish here (depending on which one. Kirkwood is different price than Boyne!?).

Kirsty Ann-Maree Edwards: KFC Tuesday, nine pieces for $10.95. It's $9.95 everywhere else I have seen.

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Have you seen the Gladstone tax applied to anything recently?

Posted by The Observer on Monday, August 17, 2015