Your reaction: Unreasonable rate rise in budget for 2015/16

THE Gladstone Regional Council unveiled its budget for the 2015/16 financial year yesterday, but many of The Observer's social networkers questioned the rate rise, considering the falling property costs.

The Observer asked its social networkers for its opinion on this year's budget and received more than 50 comments. 


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While many questioned the rate increase due to the turndown of local industry and falling property prices, Michel Britton went as far to say: Disgusting, councillors should all be jailed for crimes against the community.


Gladstone council has announced an average 4.08% increase in rates for the 2015-16 financial year. More here: What do you think?

Posted by The Observer on Sunday, 5 July 2015


Here is what you had to say:

David Button: I cannot see how an increase is justified! Rateable land has increased - debt aparently consolidated - and as previously stated an increase greater than CPI. Gladstone pays more than twice the amount of rates of comparable LGA. But then they GRC are justified paying $180M on a domestic airport to fly people out of town! All at the ratepayers expense. Other councils build International airports $50M cheaper and manage not to increase rates! Justify these charges Mayor!

Ruth Condren: Our land valuations have gone down by $30000.00 plus so why the increase

Patrick Adair Morgan: Wrong. Justify the increase council.

Justin Corry:  Property prices plummet, GRC's answers... Let's hike up the rates. What a joke

Sandra Howe: I thought that the airport was supposed to bring in a load of money for Gladstone Regional Council. Where's that money? Why are they using plants in median strips that constantly need maintenance if we don't have enough money? As households we shouldn't be expected to foot the bill. Bring us prosperity in this town or have the rates reflect the current state of affairs where people are going bankrupt and losing their houses. We don't get rubbish pick ups like Brisbane does and dump vouchers etc so what exactly are we getting for our exorbitant rates.

Alice Salgado: This is ridiculous house/land values going down people losing jobs left right and centre places closing down rates going up this town is going to be a ghost town btw I don't own a house but it's also probably going to affect renters as well because of the increase rent will have to probably increase. I feel for house owners any type of property owners unfortunately wallets don't seem to be getting any fatter except for the councillors do we get anything to show for it not really good on u sadstone

Trinity Earnshaw: Knew this was on the cards.....although I can't see how this can be justified.

Chloe Bailey: This is stupid soon no one will be able to pay for a house and be able to maintain owning it

Chris Butler: REMEMBER this when the Local council election is held in the new year!! People are sick and tired of getting ripped off by politicians on all levels.

Melly Cann: Mayor Gail Sellers do right by your people and do something

Debbie Connolly: Ours are increasing in Emerald, too!