YOUR REACTION: Support mums who want to stay home

THE Observer's social networkers have had their say on the compulsion to have mothers return to work.

The debate started after this paper published a letter from Glen Wightman, of Clinton, who had questioned the logic of the incentives to encourage stay-at-home-mothers to return to the workforce.

What do you think - should there be more support for parents who choose to stay at home to raise their kids?

Posted by The Observer on Monday, May 11, 2015

Peter Kelly Barb said: What the sense in having children if we can't stay home to enjoy them as a young baby's . What the sense to have children if we have someone else to raise them? Where will be our values and parentage in our children if someone else raises them? Give us that choice not the government to dictate how to live our lives . As for the child care give the parent who want to stay home and raise them the choice of a couple of days of day care to give the choice to interact with other children and ease into job searching .

Jodie Stewart had a different stance on the issue: I don't think there should be anything given to mothers or fathers working or not full stop. I am a stay at home mum and we do struggle sometimes with the one wage but we chose to have children so we work it out. We budget, we live within our means ect ect
I think the baby bonus is also isn't required
Instead make schooling free

Keep the free immunisations
Put the money into education systems and health systems

Here are what some others had to say:

Lyndell Gilson: It is also a working parents choice to have kids so why should the government and tax payers have to fork out to pay for child care.

Pamela Prince: 300,000 unemployed youth the government should be helping them instead of discriminating against young mums.

Princess Paula: I stayed at home with all 4 of my sons, I didn't go to work until my youngest son was 9 years old even then I went to work at his school. I went with out a lot of things n struggled with very little money. I didn't have my babies so someone else could raise them, I raised them myself with very little finances.

Ernesto Palacios: One Parent should always be home...