Your reaction: Islamic centre planned for city

The Islamic Society of Gladstone hopes to build a new Islamic Centre in Gladstone --- to provide a central meeting point for the more than 150 Muslim people in the region, according to one member of the group.

Syed Quadri, a member of the city's local Islamic Society, said the proposed centre would act as a conduit for breaking down the perceived cultural barriers between Muslims and the wider community.

He said any centre would not resemble a mosque.

Here is what our social networkers had to say about it on our Facebook page:

Brett James Whalan What's wrong with people??? Churches every where, but build a Islamic centre and every one losses their mind!!

Deb Dudley Middleton Funded by whom? Australian tax payers of other non/religious denomination. Or themselves I hope, if so I don't care, if it's government funded I care very much where my money is being spent!

Kay Collins The Gladstone Council could stop this happening!these people do not fit into our society and most Aussies don't want any more of them in our country.We do not need them,they need us.Ban the Burka,no more Muslims!

Barbara Reid It's no different to any other religious building. Why are we all so quick to judge based on 1 part of someone's life choices? JW's come uninvited to my door and push their beliefs yet they are allowed to have a meeting place in town for like minded people. Mr Quadri I will stand with you.

Patrick Fallon Australia has gone soft. If we practice Christianity in their country we would be executed. If they cant fit into what we have then its the wrong place for them, they should go home

David Stevens Why are people mad im sure muslims would accept a catholic church build in muslim dominant countrys and allow people to freely express their religious views

Estelle Te Aomarama Manawaiti What I don't really understand is, if it's all about integration, then why build something that will segregate. Because it will cause segregation. Instead of getting to know the Gladstone locals, they will get to know only other Gladstone Muslims. At least that's how I see it.

Sean Palmer They say they come in peace when their numbers are small. When the numbers grow they start demanding. And then you see what you see around the world. Do people not see some of the stuff that happens in Sydney and Melbourne "culturally enriched" suburbs?

Liam McMaster As long as they don't come knocking on my door trying to sell their religion, like various other religious groups here I don't care.

Tara Chantal Price Doesn't bother me, lived near one in Brisbane never an issue

Patch Riley Very disappointed to read such xenophobic views from locals. Really people..grow up!

Tina Forbes Dont demand that our schools take ham off the canteen menu, Dont demand that our schools not celebrate christmas in the classroom, Dont demand our shops be Halal only, dont push your beliefs on us and we will get along just fine.

Michael Beale Not going to happen on my watch cobber digger bluey ..

Aaron Barrett Religion is the problem regardless of what religion it is. Anyone stupid enough to believe that crap is part of the problem. I would love to see all religion disappear, I think we need to act as 1 race, no colour, no religions just humans doing whats right by humans

Teena Quinn Collard Not impressed

Kerry Marie Webb really

Emma Catherine I hope they find a suitable venue and Gladstone doesn't make national news for ridiculous protests from awful people. Best of luck.

Jeffrey Brooks They are supposed to be here in our country, or is this the plan? Stop taking over we dont like it, we are generous people but enough is enough, stop taking advantage of our country and nature

Ross Mason So who's up for the fight to stop this... ?

Bec McLennan why build a whole new building if it wont be a mosque? why not hire or purchase an existing building?

Anthony McNicol-Wood They better be paying the same rates as locals

Sandra Hill I don't care, but it is interesting how they want new Muslims to town to join them, do Catholics or Anglicans do the same?

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