‘Your mum is really hot’: Bizarre assault in hotel bathroom

AN award-winning hairdresser who touched a stranger's genitals and buttocks and filmed him naked was trying to stop the younger man bathing with his mother, a court was told.

Carl David Hildick, 28, of Upper Coomera was drinking with his mum at Main Beach, celebrating her 50th birthday on December 9, 2018.

Hildick and his mum met a 19-year-old man who returned to the pair's hotel room, prosecutor Amelia Baker-Smith told Southport Magistrates Court on Friday.

She said the 19-year-old had been "in the bathroom with the defendant's mother" before Hildick "entered the bathroom a number of times" and touched the victim's "buttocks and penis".

The victim was then "recorded" while he "was in the shower, without his permission".

Ms Baker-Smith said a victim impact statement showed the 19-year-old was "greatly affected" by the events, labelled "more nuisance offending than sexually motivated".

She asked Magistrate Kerrie O'Callaghan for a sentence to deter like-minded individuals from "touching others without consent".

Hildick pleaded guilty to recording in breach of privacy and common assault, after a plea deal was struck and a charge of sexual assault was thrown out.

Carl David Hildick (front), 28, of Upper Coomera outside Southport Courthouse with his lawyer Dan Rawlings on Friday, May 3, 2019.
Carl David Hildick (front), 28, of Upper Coomera outside Southport Courthouse with his lawyer Dan Rawlings on Friday, May 3, 2019.

His lawyer, Dan Rawlings, said the 19-year-old man had been "flirting quite outrageously" with Hildick's mum.

Mr Rawlings said Hildick had been "trying to protect his mother from the unwanted sexual advances", but went about it "in a completely unacceptable way".

The 19-year-old exclaimed to Hildick "your Mum is really hot" and asked "do you think I've got a chance?" and Hildick indicated he was uncomfortable with the situation, Mr Rawlings told the court.

Mr Rawlings said the 19-year-old had hopped into the room's spa bath naked and began "calling out" to Hildick's mum.

But Ms Baker-Smith interjected and argued Mr Rawlings was diverting from the agreed facts of the case.

Mr Rawlings replied he was "suggesting there's more to the story", but declined to adjourn for negotiations.

He described Hildick as a talented and awarded hairdresser in the process of launching his own business.

Hildick did not share the recording of the 19-year-old, Mr Rawlings said.

Ms O'Callaghan said Hildick had a "strange way" of protecting his mum and she fined Hildick $1200 for assaulting the "vulnerable" 19-year-old.

No conviction was recorded.