The Oaks Grand Hotel will host a 'Meet The Candidates' event from 7pm tonight.
The Oaks Grand Hotel will host a 'Meet The Candidates' event from 7pm tonight. Mara Pattison-Sowden

Your final chance to meet the candidates for Flynn

GLADSTONE residents will have their final chance to hear what the candidates for Flynn have to say at a public forum tonight.

GAPDL chief executive officer Darryl Branthwaite said the Meet The Candidates event will take place after the GCCI May network meeting at The Oaks Grand Hotel.

"The candidates will be mixing and mingling amongst the GCCI and the GAPDL members and guests and then it will open up to a public forum at 7pm," Mr Branthwaite said.

"Each of them will speak for five minutes on their pitch and from there we'll put some questions of the group.

"There will be an opportunity for people to write down questions and submit them to us at the networking function and we'll choose a couple from that."

While Mr Branthwaite plans to sit on the fence due to his role as moderator, he indicated many of the candidates have already approached the tourism body about their ideas to boost the sector.

"Good on them for all putting their hands up to give us a choice. They're all doing it because they believe in what they are doing," he said.

"I don't necessarily agree with them all... but whoever gets in (GAPDL) will work with them.

"The majority of them have been in touch with us about what their plans are for tourism - they've all got the region at heart which is the main thing."


Darryl Branthwaite in his first day as chief financial officer of the GAPDL. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
GAPDL CEO Darryl Branthwaite will moderate the Meet The Candidates public forum. Mike Richards GLA010915GAPD

Five of the eight candidates will attend: incumbent member for the LNP Ken O'Dowd, Labor's Zac Beers, One Nation's Sharon Lohse and independents Murray Peterson and Duncan Scott.

The Greens' Jaiben Baker, United Australia Party's Nathan Harris and Conservative National Party's Marcus Hiesler are unable to attend.

GCCI's networking meeting will start at 5.30pm and costs $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

The public forum is free to attend.

Pre-polling is available at 71 Springs Rd, Agnes Water; Boyne Tannum Community Centre (Hayes Ave); and at 132 Goondoon St, Gladstone.