Survey shows more support is needed for young staff

I HAVE had the most interesting week.

On the road as part of the IMPACT! Roadshow team, we have been on location at shopping centres talking non-stop to local businesses and local people.

One of the hot topics of conversation was customer service.

Sadly, it was our young people that got a bad rap when it comes to customer service.

It could be a lack of confidence or they are too busy concentrating on performing a task rather than on the customer, but to the outside world it looks like they just don't care.

This is a shame because most young people I know are clever, witty and kind.

However, this isn't always what is presented to customers.

It's not easy running a small business, with owners/managers often taking a risk in employing young people, so it's important that this respect is returned with quality work and experiences that make customers that want to come back.

In saying that, we all have a responsibility for good customer service.

The business owner/manager has a responsibility to ensure staff have proper customer service training and understand the business/product/service they are selling; and that they have the right people in the right job, provide praise and incentives for a job well done.

Employees have a responsibility to dress and act appropriately, to greet customers with a smile and be genuine in wanting to assist the customer with their needs.

Customers also have a responsibility, to be understanding of the situation and give the employee and business a fair go, before criticizing the business all over social media.

Based on our survey results it's clear that we need to provide more support to our young people.

They need to have the confidence and will to smile and greet customers, be more engaged in their interaction and know about the business and its products.

They are after all, the face of the business.