Young man’s drug death ‘an absolute tragedy’: Coroner

AN INQUEST into the death of a young man who died after consuming a cocktail of drugs at a house party "vindicates and appreciates the importance of this young man's life", Coroner Greg Cavanagh has found.

'Fazan was a vibrant, caring and hard working young man who loved his family and was loved in return.'

Mr Cavanagh found 24-year-old Fazan Khan died of multi-drug toxicity after voluntarily consuming a lethal dose of oxycodone and MDMA at the party in January last year.

In handing down his findings on Thursday, Mr Cavanagh said it was "an absolute tragedy that (Mr Khan) was lost so young".

"Fazan was a vibrant, caring and hard working young man who loved his family and was loved in return," he said.

"His death is an enormous loss to his family and it is also a loss of part of our community.

"It is a terrible tragedy that Fazan died when he was at the beginning of his adult life and so full of potential."

Mr Cavanagh found Mr Kahn was a regular drug user who would often drink a concoction of crushed codeine tablets and soft drink known as "lean" or "purple drank" and had done so on the night of his death.

As part of the inquest, Mr Cavanagh conducted a review of a police investigation which found there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Kahn's death.

Mr Cavanagh said the review found the investigators' conclusion was correct, based on a lack of motive for anyone to harm Mr Kahn and an absence of physical injuries, among other factors.

"I heard testimony from witnesses who were credible and forthcoming about the circumstances of the party," he said.

"I accept the evidence of the host of the party that he was numb and shocked on finding his friend deceased."

The inquiry also examined autopsy findings that "appear curious at first instance" but Mr Cavanagh found there was a "rational and innocent explanation" for each of them.

"The findings at autopsy were not suspicious and were clearly explained by (forensic pathologist) Marianne Tiemensma." he said.

"I accept what I was told by the young people who gave evidence in court that the host of the party and Fazan were very close friends, who had known each other since they were children, loved laughing together and having a good time, and genuinely cared for each other.

"Fazan's tragic death is another reminder of the dangers of illicit drug use and the particular dangers of mixing drugs and of mixing drugs and alcohol."

Mr Cavanagh did not make any formal recommendations.