Young LNP blasted for ‘racist’ video


A VIDEO that appears to show young LNP members laughing at 'casually racist' comments about indigenous culture has brought the Gold Coast branch under fire, forcing them to delete their social media accounts overnight.

The video, filmed at Schoolies, depicts a young LNP volunteer criticising the celebration of a "culture that couldn't even invent the bloody wheel," was posted on the Young LNP Gold Coast Facebook page just after 2pm on Monday.

LNP volunteer Jake Scott (centre) with Young LNP branch chair Barclay McGain in the video.
LNP volunteer Jake Scott (centre) with Young LNP branch chair Barclay McGain in the video.

The short clip features branch chair Barclay McGain and Vice-Chair Patrick Riches interviewing groups of Schoolies in Cavill Ave.

"We are out here today talking to the schoolies of 2019, young people of Australia about what matters to them and where the future of our great country is going," Mr Riches said.

A schoolie, who has since been revealed to be an LNP volunteer from Redcliffe, Jake Scott, was asked his thoughts on the Australian flag and anthem by Mr McGain.

"Not too much to say about it, personally I am fed up with having all these sports stars stand out on our stages and not sing the national anthem, they are putting our Australian jumper on, they are going to sing the national anthem," Mr Scott said.

The video has gone viral on social media.
The video has gone viral on social media.

"We got to stop celebrating a culture that couldn't even invent the bloody wheel for god sake. We have got to start enjoying and living the western culture."

Mr McGain appears to chuckle while holding the microphone to Mr Scott, the camera then cuts to another group of revellers.

The video was up for a few hours and then taken down just before 5pm.

Mr Scott who earlier in the video claims to be a "bit of a leftie myself" has appeared twice in social media videos wearing LNP garb endorsing the Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth in 2016 and 2019.

Young LNP volunteer Jake Scott with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Young LNP volunteer Jake Scott with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The high school graduate also appears to be at an LNP event with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and features heavily on the social media page of LNP candidate for Redcliffe Kerri-Anne Dooley.

He was also elected to the YMCA youth parliament earlier this year.

Mr McGain and Mr Scott appear to know each other as they appear together in a number of photos on Facebook.

McGain refused to comment on the matter when approached by the Bulletin.

"Nothing to say about it, thanks," he said.

Despite being removed, a copy of the video had been shared thousands of times on social media pages like 'Nuffies of Australian Politics' the 'Australian young Greens and the 'Griffith University Labor Club'.

This morning, state Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch slammed the video and demanded Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington call out "racist elements" within the LNP.

Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch.
Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch.

"These kinds of view should not be allowed to simmer within any organisation. Swift action needs to be taken," she said in a statement.

"It's already been out there for more than 12 hours so I can't understand why she hasn't already called it out and taken action against the people involved.

"It's disturbing on many levels."

The Gold Coast Young LNP branch has been heavily criticised for posting the video and allowing for the criticism of indigenous cultures in the first place.

Other commenters have been sympathetic to Mr Scott suggesting he was young and drunk and therefore should be excused.

"Can you believe that this white supremacist garbage was posted on an official Young LNP page for the world to see," the Griffith University Labor Club shared the video online.

"If this is what they're capable of doing publicly, imagine what they do behind closed doors."

The video had also been shared numerous times on Twitter.

"Wow. That's sad to see young kids still thinking in a racist way," one woman wrote.

"Little boys," another wrote.

The Bulletin has approached the LNP for comment.