Young Goats make CQ under-19s side

YOU could call them kids, but they’re happy to run around with the Goats.

David West, Paul Tema, Rudolf Wentzel, Eamon Chapman and Matt Theobald have been chosen in the CQ under-19s rugby union side to play in Toowoomba tomorrow.

Having played in the Brahmans this season, the five have impressed selectors with their tenacity and ability to become involved in plays.

West is a dreaded convert from league and he made the move at the end of last year when the under-18s union competition was organised. His reasons for changing codes were simple and so far he’s enjoyed the move to GRUFC.

“It was something different and a new challenge,” West said.

Moving up to the higher level of union so early in their careers has also benefited their development.

“Brahmans was good and it was good testing ourselves at a higher level.”

The learning curve has been a sharp one for West, who cops plenty of stick from his mates about the switch.

“We’ve picked up heaps about the technical side of the game,” West said.

“The hardest part has been adapting to the differences and plays.”

Getting a quintet from the one club chosen in the rep side is a bonus, as the guys know each other and engenders more confidence in the lads.

“It definitely helps and it was a bit of a surprise when all the Gladstone boys were picked,” he said.

“It’s good to know there’s a group of mates playing together.”

GRUFC captain Jeff Milburn said picking up half a dozen younger players had bolstered the stocks of the local club, and their selection for CQ had been warranted.

“They’ve been rewarded and worth all the traveling,” Milburn said.

They know it’s a fair step up again from Brahmans level, but their

“It’ll be a really high level of rugby so we’ll see how we go,” West said.

West has got no plans to return to the most popular game in Gladstone but does he ever try and entice a few mates over to the game they play in heaven?