Many young people can't change a car tyre.
Many young people can't change a car tyre. Samantha Elley

Young drivers have no clue when it comes to 'motor skills'

I'm a girl who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, but when it comes to changing a tyre, I'll raise those same hands and admit I have absolutely no idea.

I recently learnt one in four people under the age of 25 are also clueless when it comes to these types of "motor skills".

While I find some comfort in knowing I'm not alone, I confess the national statistics are a little concerning. Technically I fall into the next age bracket and really should have a few more skills under my belt.

I take great pride in Mazzie, my Mazda3, but it was a real test to my attention to detail when I noticed the semi-flat, nail-punctured tyre I'd been driving around for who knows how long.

It's a reminder for everyone to spend a few minutes looking over their vehicle. Life's busy, but it's also precious. We need to keep our cars moving, but more importantly, we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe - and those round bits of rubber play a vital part in that.

RACQ's Motoring Advice team gave me a few hints and sent me off to the mechanics and you'll be pleased to know Mazzie and I are back on the road. So while I'm going to need to keep practising my tyre changing skills, this whole experience has taught me how to recognise a flat, and where to start if I do need to get my hands dirty.