You'll never guess what police found in this bag

POLICE have caught a woman carrying around a baby koala in a green canvas bag in Wishart in Brisbane's south. 

About 8.55pm police on patrol stopped a 50-year-old woman on Newham Rd, she was ater arrested on outstanding matters. 

Before being put into a police vehicle the woman was asked if she had anything to declare and her response stunned the officers.

The woman handed over a green canvas bag which the officers cautiously unzipped - confirming what the woman had said. 

The RSPCA Ambulance was called and attended the Brisbane City Watch house to collect the joey- who is protected under the Nature Conservation Act.

The koala- believed to be about six months of age- seemed to be in good health, although a bit dehydrated.

"He's been on fluids but is doing well and will shortly be going out to a carer," said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

"He weighs 1.5 kg and we've called him Alfred."


The woman said she found the marsupial a night earlier and had been caring for it.