FENCING may seem like a piece of cake to most but before trying it yourself, it's often best to consult a professional.

Gladstone Big Boys Fencing owner Kenny Urquhart said when it comes to fencing, it's usually best to call in the professionals.

"You do need a lot of hands if you're doing it yourself," he said.

"We've got up to six blokes on a job at once."

Mr Urquhart explained that this was usually for when builders wanted the job done immediately.

"If you're doing a fence yourself, what could take you forever could take us a couple of hours."

The local fencer has lived and worked in Gladstone with his business for about two years.

His business was recently up for sale, but has now been taken off the market.

Mr Urquhart said his company has built close to 1000 fences in the region.

"We've done large residential properties, commercial and industrial developments."

For those looking at do-it-yourself fencing, Mr Urquhart said treated timber or colourbond is generally the best to use.

"Best to ask your local fencing contractor," he added.

There are also a few major aspects to be aware of before undertaking a fencing project.

Mr Urquhart said firstly check for council regulations, height and how far out the fence needs to be built from the curb.

"A lot of people run into a lot of costs if they don't do it properly.

"Make sure you're not going to hit any services.

"If someone does it themselves and hit a water main, it can get extremely expensive."

Mr Urquhart said they have hit a few before and it costs about $2000 to get fixed.

"And if you're using a licensed company like ours, it's our cost, not theirs," he said.

Overall, Mr Urquhart said it's generally easier getting a professional in, rather than attempting it yourself.

"You're going to burn up a lot of time and energy doing it yourself."