Brave curlews’ amazing standoff with a huge snake


IT was the showdown that gave new meaning to the call out: "I'll meet you in the car park, bro!".

Local Tash Cotter was on hand to film the amazing scene as a group of brave stone-curlews took on a huge snake in an incredible standoff at a Dripstone car park on Tuesday.

"Fierce protective parent crew right here", wrote Tash on her post.

The video shows the 'screech of curlews' (nb: 'screech' is our collective noun for curlews, not the correct dictionary term) seemingly minding their own business, discussing the evening's hoped-for feast of frogs and insects, when a somewhat shifty snake sidles up.

A trio of the curlews were quick to block the big snake's path, wings spread wide like body builders flexing feathered biceps.

The snake cautiously continues to inch forward as a fourth curlew joins the stout-hearted defenders ... but noticably stands backs, watching from a position of relative safety.

The Standoff in the Car Park will no doubt be the epic showdown - the battle of the titans - squawked about, and relived and discussed in not-so-hushed tones, among the curlews of Dripstone, and beyond, for many a year to come.

"Did you ever hear the tale of The Heroic Three who battled the Giant Serpent of Car Parkia? It was epic, bro!"



Originally published as You shall not pass! Brave curlews' amazing standoff with huge snake