You can now fill out your 2016 census

THE Australian Bureau of Statistics has the census website back online. 

Two days after the site crashed in spectacular fashion - inconveniencing millions of Australians in the process - the problem has apparently been fixed. 

"The Census website is now available," a message reads. 

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience."

Earlier computer security experts dismissed the government's explanation for the census failure as unlikely and warned the data gathered in the census could not be trusted.



The Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Turnbull Government yesterday released a series of contradictory explanations for the failure of the census servers on Tuesday night, blaming it on an attack, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) "attempt", a faulty router and an unexpected spike in traffic from the United States when a geo-block to prevent international traffic reportedly failed.

Today the PM has said heads will roll in the wake of the bungle. 

"Which heads roll, where and when, will be determined once the review is complete," Mr Turbull said.

"I made it very, very clear that what we needed to do was be absolutely straight and frank with the Australian people.

"This has been a failure of the ABS."