Yoga a great way to energise body after having a baby

YOGA is not only a favourite with pregnant women, it is also recommended for new mums.

This is great way of re-energising the body, having time for yourself and relaxing the body and mind around the demands of the new baby.

Yoga contributes to the natural digestion of food, which is taken by the baby in the breast milk.

Start with simple exercises, such as lying down in savasana, sitting in sukhasana and a few gentle forward bends.

This should be easier now that there are minimal restrictions in the stomach area.

Create a timetable and allow time for yoga throughout the day. There is no need to feel guilty for spending time on you.

You will feel more energised and find that you are more active in your other tasks, along with doing the postures and nursing the newborn.

And as you relax, you can meditate. Meditation is a point of focus - in your mind, create a picture of where you want your body and mind to be now that you have given life.

Visualise, live and create that perfection and remember the greatest toner is the breath.

Do your pranayama whenever you hold the baby, if possible.