Back pain sufferers may find relief from some simple yoga asanas.
Back pain sufferers may find relief from some simple yoga asanas. Nicola Brander

Yoga poses can help ease back pain

THE muscles which support the spine are in constant use whether we are sitting or standing.

As the spine bends, straightens and twists it puts stress on the back which can result in back strain and pain.

As the lower back ropes most of the weight of the body and is subject to the most mechanical stress, people usually injure the lower back.

Though most back pain is caused by muscle or ligament strain, there are other causes such as damage or wound to spinal nerves, bones, or discs.

These yoga asanas can help with back pain:

Corpse pose: (savasana) This pose is used for relaxation in a lying down position with arms beside you and palms facing up and totally relaxing. You can put a gentle prop under your lower back if needed for extra support.

Single leg rises: This helps relieve the diseases of the lower back. One leg is raised up while the other leg is kept flat on the floor. It strengthens back and leg muscles.

Fish pose: (Matsyasana) This pose is an excellent yoga asana for the shoulder and neck muscles. It helps in stretching the neck muscles and gives relief from neck and shoulder muscle spasms. It increases the back muscle flexibility.

Come to lie on your back. Come on to your elbows.

Slide body towards the back of the mat while keeping forearms in place and puffing up chest.

Drop the crown of your head back to the floor, opening throat.

To come out, press strongly forearms and raise head off the floor.

Release your upper body to the floor.

Double leg raises: In this posture both the legs are raised at the same time. Back muscles are stretched and the neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed.

This is a perfect pose for improving the strength of the muscles of the back and gives quick relief from stiffness and spasms of the back muscles.

Please seek medical advice before taking on any strenuous exercises.

Pushpa is a certified yoga teacher. She is also a reiki master and trained in natural healing. Pushpa has travelled the world as a senior leader for life coach and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. Phone Pushpa on 0450 582 540 or email