WATCH: Yet another racist abuses Australian on Sydney train

The issue of racial intolerance in Australia has reared its ugly head again - with video of a multilingual Australian-born woman being told to speak only English in public going viral.

Natalie Soto, aged 20, was the subject of a brutal tirade from another Sydney train passenger on Thursday.

Soto was speaking to her mother in Spanish during a phone conversation when the other passenger objected.

Soto started videoing the exchange after claiming the woman said, "Get that dirty wog off the train, she's giving me a headache."

Today was particularly sucky because I got fucked on for talking to my mama in my own language by a lady on the train. I didn't record all of it, and I didn't really have much to say. I don't usually get hit up with this level of racism. I'd like anyone that deems this behaviour appropriate to delete me for your sake. I have zero patience for prejudicial, small minded backwards thinking people.

Posted by Natalie Soto on Thursday, December 17, 2015

The video recording then shows the passenger telling Soto: "Why should we have to listen to f***ing rambling? We speak English in this country. If you can't speak it, don't speak it at all."

Soto told the infuriated passenger she spoke several languages.

The woman replied: "Speak it in your own home, don't speak it in public."

She added it made her feel uncomfortable to hear other languages than English being spoken in public.

Another passenger offered Soto support, challenging the abuser: "So her speaking another language is not okay but you saying the c-word in front of children is okay?"

Natalie Soto (left) and Nikki Strong (right)
Natalie Soto (left) and Nikki Strong (right) Brisbane Times