Good old-fashioned fun celebrates kids being kids

THIS week kids across the region will celebrate some of the greatest things about being young.

In Year 7, I was a kind student who said, "yes, I will spend some time this morning helping little kids paint, play ball games and make sand castles".

And it was a whole heap of fun.

My poor attempt at face painting was a dismal part of the day for those children unfortunate enough to have my rendition of a butterfly or Spiderman painted across their faces.

I'm sure they would have gone home to parents who may have said something along the lines of, "What on earth did they do to you!"

Consider this as a belated apology.

But I think the kids and I had a lot of fun.

I think events such as these are important to hold.

When you start your schooling years there is a big push for education, much more than there is for play.

It's completely understandable - you're being set up for the rest of your life.

But being a kid is the greatest, so sometimes kids need to be kids.

In last week's happenings, it was Mother's Day.

So, I hope all the mums out there had a lovely day, and you were spoilt just a little (or a lot!).

My brother and I treated mum to a movie at the Gold Room and a delicious lunch.

Hope you had a lovely day, Mum!