WORLD HEARING DAY: Top seven signs of hearing loss

IS YOUR hearing not what it used to be?

As part of World Hearing Week, which culminates today with World Hearing Day, Attune Hearing has offered free hearing screens or hearing aid consult to the Fraser Coast community at both the Hervey Bay or Maryborough clinics.

So what are some of the signs you're losing your hearing and what can cause it?

Seven warning signs of hearing loss include having the television or radio turned up too loud, struggling to follow conversations and asking people to repeat themselves, muffled hearing or difficulty hearing background noise, missing phone calls or the doorbell, twisting your neck to hear a sound, becoming isolated or withdrawn or becoming upset when confronted about hearing issues.

In many cases those close to us notice before we do.

There can be many causes of hearing loss, including loud noises, which may be either sudden or persistent, birth defects, inner ear disease, middle ear disease, certain medications, physical head injuries or the ageing process.

To find out more about getting your hearing checked call 4303 4100 to reserve your appointment.