Australian workers are feeling the stress at work.
Australian workers are feeling the stress at work.

40% of employees feeling stressed at work

WORK getting you down? You're not the only one.

More than 40% of Australian workers surveyed in the Australian Psychological Society's (APS) annual Stress and Wellbeing survey said their job was a major source of stress.

The survey - released as part of National Psychology Week, which runs from November 9 to 15 - also found that we have lower levels of job satisfaction compared to two years ago, which may be in part a result of our diminished work-life balance, which the survey found had decreased to pre-2011 levels.

Working Australians reported similar levels of job stress to those reported in 2013 but significantly higher when compared to findings in 2012 and 2011.

Work was also implicated in health outcomes, with nearly half (48%) citing "work demands" as a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On the whole, and for the first time in the survey's history, men reported significantly higher levels of wellbeing than women.

Professor Lyn Littlefield, executive director of the APS, said identifying sources of stress was the first step to effective management.

"Stress can have an extremely detrimental effect on a person's mental and physical health. It's important to first identify the cause of stress to work towards avoiding the source, or adopting stress management behaviours," Prof Littlefield said.

"Different people are affected by different things, but it is interesting to see the varying impact family and personal financial issues have on stress levels for men and women."

Worryingly, more than 60% reported current stress levels had an impact on their mental health.

"Talking about mental health is difficult for a lot of Australians. National Psychology Week provides an opportunity to start a conversation, or encourage Australians who might be struggling to ask for help," Prof Littlefield said.

"If you're feeling overwhelmed, or if you notice your stress levels are having a negative impact on your mental or physical health I encourage you to see a psychologist.

"Everyone needs help at some time, and it's okay to ask for it."