Good business relationships add to success

THIS month, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry's monthly network meeting was hosted by Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun.

More than 50 people representing small businesses from the Gladstone region attended a tour of the Rio Tinto Yarwun plant and later heard from the organisation's procurement manager regarding the tendering processes.

What a great network meeting. Thank you to Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun. GCCI members commented how valuable the presentation was.

The GCCI Network meeting also discussed the importance of business relationships.

Often businesses owners spend so much time working in the business, very little time is spent checking on business relationships.

Successful businesses have strong relationships with their staff, suppliers, existing customers, potential customers and other businesses.

It's not just the products and services people want, they want you!

Consumers want to trust you, they want to believe in what you say about your products and services, and they want your attention.

When was the last time you checked your business relationships? Do you know the people you do business with?

Have you enthusiasm and energy when dealing with people you do business with?

Do you really care about the people you are doing business with? How do you demonstrate this?

Having reliable and well established relationships is worth thousands of dollars in marketing and promotion.

If done well, it may save you money. If done thoroughly, it may make you money. If done fabulously, you will have a successful business.

Talk, learn, respect, network, listen and share, because it's is all about the people.