Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.
Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. Jonno Colfs

'Wonderful morning': Whole town to attend morning tea

IT'S a tiny country town but every person in Miriam Vale is expected at this one charity event.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea is one of the nation's most well-known community responses to the proliferation of cancer.

One in two Australians are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, so it's something everyone has a connection to.

On May 23, groups and individuals will raise funds at small events across the country, all of which add up and boost research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer.

"We're all affected by cancer in some way or another,” organiser for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Miriam Vale, Deb Newell said.

"I think it's just something that everybody would really, really like to find a cure (for).”

Mrs Newell has been involved in the annual event since 2010 and was proud to contribute as part of a community that worked hard every year to make a success.

"Every single person in the community becomes involved in some way or another,” she said.

Pauline Dahl organised the first event at the CWA Hall in 1997, raising $200.

"Due to the popularity of this annual event, we relocated to the community centre and have raised up to $5000,” Mrs Newell said.

A $5 entry fee includes a morning tea with "goose club” raffle.

Two local school-age girls will also have their hair cut, with proceeds going to Cancer Council Queensland.

"Everything is donated, which is why I feel it's so successful as a fundraiser,” Mrs Newell said.

Local businesses donate, Country Women's Association members craft quilts, cushions, place mats, bags and other crafts to be raffled on the day.

"All of the money that comes in goes to the Cancer Council.”

Mrs Newell is also manager at The Capricornian community bank in Miriam Vale and said the event brought together businesses, residents, children and the elderly.

"It's a wonderful morning - it's just for people to meet up and have a cuppa,” she said.

"Usually ... the local school will present some entertainment with the young children.”

The CWA members were the star attraction, with their "beautiful items”, Mrs Newell said.

"Every year they make these beautiful things and that's the attraction, quite often.

"They're the busy bees, they make things all year.”

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at Miriam Vale will be held from 9am on Thursday, May 23 at Miriam Vale Community Centre. Cost: $5