Hundreds of women will gather at Brisbane Square October 28.
Hundreds of women will gather at Brisbane Square October 28.

Women to reclaim the night

HUNDREDS of women will gather at Brisbane Square for this year's Reclaim the Night rally on Friday, October 28.

Women will march through West End to reclaim their right to safety and draw attention to ingrained forms of sexism.

"Sexual violence permeates every aspect of our society - in film and advertising, in workplaces and our culture in general, which often isn't reported alongside incidences of rape," said Reclaim the Night organiser, Meg Chadwick.

"This can make sexual violence against women seem like an 'accident'. But rape is never random - it's entrenched in our culture," she said.

Organisers hope the event will encourage people to reflect on what they can do to end sexual violence.

"If we want to put a stop to the rape and assault of women and children, people need to become intimate with the issue on a personal and political level,"

"This might mean looking critically at how advertising portrays women, 'calling out' friends who tell 'rape' jokes or learning more about what true consent really is - a big sexy 'yes!'"

"We know people want West End and indeed everywhere to be safe for women, but it takes guts to make this happen."

"A critical eye, an honest look in the mirror, and a whole of community response will be necessary before things can change," said Ms Chadwick.

Reclaim the Night will begin at Brisbane Square at 6:30pm, with a later gathering at the Boundary Hotel. Search 'Reclaim the Night Brisbane' on Facebook for more information or contact Meg Chadwick 0424 784 266