Robert Lui wearing a pink jersey for the women in league round of the NRL.
Robert Lui wearing a pink jersey for the women in league round of the NRL.

Women in League - the Round of Unspeakable Hypocrisy

OPINION: Maybe it was the sight of Robert Lui running around in a pink jersey that finally sent me over the edge.

Or it might have been Greg Inglis's pink boots.

It was the Women in League round in the NRL last weekend - or as I like to think of it, the Round of Unspeakable Hypocrisy.

I am of the gender that the Women in League round is meant to pay tribute to.

I also love rugby league.

But I hate the Women in League round.

Seeing Lui in a pink jersey after he was convicted of violently assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in 2011 made me sick to my stomach.

In the statements made to the court by his partner, she said Lui was actively trying to kick her side before he kicked her in the head.

Forgive me if I don't want to see this person run around in pink during the Women in League round.

Guess who else was in pink during the Women in League round?

Cronulla back Isaac Gordon.

His offence?

He pushed his heavily pregnant girlfriend against a wall.

He also verbally abused her and threatened to kill her.

Who cares? Whack a pink jersey on that man.

Then, watching South Sydney demolish the Tigers on the weekend, Inglis ran around the field in a pair of pink boots.

He was ordered to attend a behavioural amendment group after assaulting his girlfriend a few years ago.

I haven't even started on the women who have come forward, alleging sexual assaults by usually not just one player, but a whole host of players.

I'm sick of it.

The reason I watch league is because I know at least 80% of the blokes are probably decent people.

I love the sport, it's entertaining and, of course, I'm mad about the Knights.

But the10-20% who do the wrong thing, who treat women poorly, who assault the women who are meant to mean the most to them - occasionally while the woman is carrying their child - I don't want to see them paying tribute to the women who support the game.

Can no one else see how insincere this round seems?

On top of that is the fact that there are few women league commentators and none to be seen in the upper management of the NRL.

Spare me the pretence of the Women in League round.

Why doesn't the league, instead of staging a round that seems to be little other than some public relations grandstanding, actually do something about these issues?

Educate your players. Rub repeat offenders out of the game.

And burn those pink jerseys.