A woman has pleaded guilty to assaulting police after spitting on an officer.
A woman has pleaded guilty to assaulting police after spitting on an officer.

Woman’s ‘vile’ act after stint in watch-house

A WOMAN who spent time in the Warwick watch-house had almost made it to freedom when she decided to spit on a policeman, ending with her being put back in her cell.

Candice Rae Laurie appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court via telephone this morning, as coronavirus restrictions impacted her ability to travel.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said Laurie was taken into custody on New Year's Eve last year after being called to a disturbance between two men at an Albion St home.

Sergeant Wiggan said Laurie sprayed police with expletives, telling them to "F--- off, you dead, dying c---- and dogs", among other words.

Requests from police for the 34-year-old mum of three to stop swearing were followed by louder swearing, according to Sgt Wiggan.

Laurie, who defence counsel conceded was "quite full" at the time, also threatened to "smash up" the police car before she was eventually taken to the Warwick watch-house.

Her verbal tirades didn't end there and she also smashed a cup on the ground of her cell.

As she was later being released, Laurie spat on one of the officers, with her saliva hitting his boot.
She was rearrested and placed back in the cell.

The court also heard Laurie was arrested and taking to the watch-house again two months later, where she threw her plate of food to the floor, smashing the plate.

Laurie also pleaded guilty to two unrelated thefts.

In 2019 she stole two crop tops from Target and one a separate occasion stole more than $300 worth of grocery items from Coles.

Magistrate Julian Noud told Laurie he understood she was going through a difficult period in her life at the time but condemned her "serious offending" toward the officer.

"Spitting at the feet of the police officer is the most vile act, Ms Laurie, and I think that must be understood by you," he said.

"You of course need to understand police carry out vital duties that are often onerous and dangerous - they are entitled to respect from all of us."

Both Magistrate Noud and Laurie's defence counsel agreed it was a "disgusting" act toward the policeman.

Laurie pleaded guilty to assaulting and obstructing police, two counts of stealing, two counts of wilful damage of police property, public nuisance and contravening a police requirement.

She was fined $500 and ordered to pay $16 restitution to Target and $336.80 to Coles.