WATCH: Woman’s ‘sick, racist’ shopping centre rant


A WOMAN has been filmed on a "racist" tirade at a shopping centre in Perth, calling young children "rats" and accusing people of wanting to "take over" the country.

The woman was filmed by a mother-of-two, who said she'd been doing her grocery shopping at a Westfield Carousel in Cannington in Perth last week.

The mum said her three-year-old son was "totally shocked and terrified" by the outbursts, which that she filmed and posted online.

She said she was sitting out the front of Woolworths with her four-month-old baby in a pram, as her husband and son were paying at the checkout.

"This woman suddenly had a go at an African security guard really just out of the blue, then quickly she turned her fire to a Middle Eastern looking security guard, asking him to 'Get out of this country, you don't belong here'," the mum wrote in a Facebook post.


She left young children upset after calling them 'rats'.
She left young children upset after calling them 'rats'.


She's been labelled 'sick' online.
She's been labelled 'sick' online.



"I'm so sad our little kids had to experience this," the mother said, saying her three-year-old was "shocked" by the woman's multiple outbursts.

The mum said she decided to confront the woman, saying: "Please leave this gentleman alone."

She said at this point the woman began yelling at her.

The mum said she was told, "You bloody Asians shouldn't be here either, you get out of this country."

"I was born here! You're not," the woman says in the video.

"And all you do is breed these things. Rats. And then you want to take our country over." The woman was gesturing at the mother's children as she made the comments, the mum said.

She praised Woolworths staff who walked her family to their car and offered to phone police following the incident.

The woman has been lashed online, with commenters calling her comments "racist" and "sick".

"This right here is what a real racist looks like," one man commented on the post.

"She does not speak for me. Sorry you all had to put up with her nasty attitude," another said.

WA's Minister for Multicultural Interests Paul Papalia said he felt the woman had "embarrassed herself and this state" with her comments, according to 7 News.

"I think she's punished herself because publicly she'll be humiliated," he said. has contacted Woolworths for comment.