A Gladstone woman who illegally entered Queensland has been sentenced in court this week. . Picture: Jerad Williams
A Gladstone woman who illegally entered Queensland has been sentenced in court this week. . Picture: Jerad Williams

Woman who illegally entered QLD found with several syringes

A GLADSTONE woman who missed her court appearance after she illegally entered Queensland has received a suspended sentence and probation for a series of offences.

Tawnee Marie Walker, 32, appearing via video from the Gladstone Watchhouse, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday to six charges including failing to properly dispose of a syringe, failing to appear and unlicensed driving.

Walker was first pulled over on December 4, 2019 at 10.05pm on Barney St, Barney Point when she was seen driving in an odd manner.

Police checks showed she was unlicensed due to demerit point suspension.

She told police she received a letter and was given the option of losing her licence or good behaviour and she chose good behaviour.

She was taken to the watch-house where police found a used syringe and clipseal bags with white residue.

Walker told police she had taken them from a friend who used the syringe to administer drugs but said she did not know what was in the clip seal bags and wouldn’t say the name of the friend she said she’d taken the items from.

Walker was intercepted again on April 24 at 1.10pm on Glenlyon Street where she was evasive and nervous and kept changing her story about where she was going.

During a search police found a handbag containing an uncapped syringe in one section and numerous other syringes shoved into a sharps container which was not sealed.

Walker told police everything in the bag was hers except the syringes.

Walker failed to appear in court on July 10 and again on September 29.

She said on the second instance she had been in hotel quarantine and was not able to check out until midnight on September 29.

Acting Magistrate Ross Woodford noted Walker was placed into quarantine after she illegally entered Queensland from New South Wales.

Defence lawyer Bianca Wierland said her client did not use drugs and the syringes found belonged to other people.

She said other people had left them in her car as she had been driving them around for some extra cash.

Ms Wierland told the court her client had spent five days in the watch-house and this was her first time being remanded.

Walker was sentenced to two months imprisonment wholly suspended for nine months and nine months probation.

She was also fined $850 and disqualified from driving for six months.

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