A Boyne Island woman almost hit a police officer when she failed to stop for an RBT. Picture: Alix Sweeney
A Boyne Island woman almost hit a police officer when she failed to stop for an RBT. Picture: Alix Sweeney

Woman who failed to stop for RBT almost hit a cop

A BOYNE ISLAND woman who failed to stop for a random breath test and almost hit a police officer said she didn’t think she was being pulled over.

Police were conducting static RBTs on Hampton Dr, Tannum Sands, on October 2 when they signalled for Rachel Mary O’Grady to pull over.

Instead, O’Grady drove directly towards a police officer, narrowly avoiding contact.

She was instructed to pull over immediately, which she said she would, before driving away.

Later that night police went to her Boyne Island address and instructed her to provide a specimen of breath.

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The construction business owner failed to do so after 10 attempts, in one instance she sucked on the straw instead of blowing.

O’Grady was slurring her words, smelt strongly of alcohol and even attempted to reach for a glass of wine before she was detained and taken to the Tannum Sands police station.

She was once again asked to provide a specimen of breath and did not after being asked four times.

At this point she became aggressive and told a police officer “I’ll tell you one thing, your three-year-old daughter is going to get it.”

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O’Grady pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to failing to stop, failing to provide breath for a breath test and failing to provide specimen of breath for analysis.

Defence lawyer Stacey O’Gorman told the court when O’Grady passed the breath test site she believed the police officer had waved her through.

She said O’Grady and her husband had been celebrating his job promotion, and when she arrived home she had consumed shots of Sambuca as part of the celebration.

Ms O’Gorman said her client was extremely embarrassed about how she spoke to the police officer as she did not even know them or if they had a child.

O’Grady was fined $1400 and disqualified from driving for nine months.