LUCKY ESCAPE: A woman walked free from this smash near Bellingen.
LUCKY ESCAPE: A woman walked free from this smash near Bellingen.

Lucky escape from fiery single vehicle smash

UPDATE: The woman who escaped a fiery vehicle roll over this morning has been transported to Coffs Harbour hospital in a stable condition.

The 35-year-old was taken to hospital by the Bellingen NSW Ambulance crew suffering facial lacerations

EARLIER: A woman was lucky to walk away from a fiery single-vehicle smash on the Waterfall Way near Bellingen this morning.

The car was travelling towards the town when the driver lost control just before the Fullers vegetable store.

Steve Grove was travelling just behind the vehicle as he saw it lose control on a bend, then roll several times across the road, before smashing into an embankment and exploding in flames around 11.30am.

"We had to brake to avoid it, if it had been a few seconds later we would have smashed right into it," Steve said. 

The woman, who Steve estimates to be in her 20s, is believed to be a nurse from Coffs Harbour.

Steve helped her to walk from the vehicle, before it was engulfed in flames.

"She was shaking and in shock and had a lot of blood over her nose. She was able to tell people not to wipe it off as there was probably glass on her face, so she knew what was going on," Steve said.

Luckily a Bellingen Shire Council truck was passing and the crew were able to manage traffic while attempting to extinguish the flames.

"That was very fortuitous and they handled it very well," Steve said.

The Bellingen NSW Ambulance Service crew were next on the scene followed by NSW Police.

The road surface was patchy with intermittent showers throughout the morning.

"There was just enough rain to make the road look wet and greasy but it was very patchy. It was wet in one spot but up the road, dry as a bean."