Christina Andrews, in Florida with a sign reading,
Christina Andrews, in Florida with a sign reading, "Not homeless, need boobs". Picture: Wear ABC

Woman takes to streets to beg for bigger boobs

A WOMAN woman has taken to the streets in Florida pleading for funds so she can have breast enlargement surgery.

Christina Andrews was spotted on the side of a busy road in Pensacola, waving a sign reading: "Not homeless, need boobs," in an effort to collect money for the surgery, according to local news network Wear ABC.

"I just want bigger boobs, because I'm not happy with the ones that I have. And I figured this was a good way to do it," Ms Andrews said.

"People put out signs that they're homeless. I'm I'm just being honest."

Ms Andrews said was unsure whether she would collect any money when she left home - but her original approach appeared to be working.

"I thought people would just laugh and keep riding, but they're like hey here's some money," she said.

And if she had a dollar for every smile...

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