Woman stabbed seven times by jealous wife ‘could have died’


A WOMAN could have bled to death after a jealous wife stabbed her seven times after she caught her asleep in bed with her husband, a court has heard.

Ali Curung woman Elvina Beasley, 22, pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated assault of her partner and one count of causing serious harm to the woman, who was a childhood acquaintance of Beasley's.

The court heard in the early hours of August 24, 2019 after a night of drinking, Beasley attended a house looking for her husband, when she found him asleep in bed with a woman she had known since childhood.

Beasley then yelled at and threatened the woman, and told her to "get up and fight", Justice Judith Kelly said.

"She was too tired to get up, and so she stayed on the mattress, sitting down," Justice Judith Kelly said.

"You left the room and came back with a knife, and you stabbed (her) in the back seven times with the knife.

"She had six cuts on her upper back, one cut on her left upper shoulder and one cut on her head. She was flown to Alice Springs Hospital for surgical management of those wounds.

"There was a chance that she might have died of those injuries. In particular, the left shoulder. There was an artery in the left shoulder which was bleeding, and she could have bled to death from that if she had not been treated."

The court heard earlier in the night Beasley hit her husband in the head with a rock four times after leaving a party they were both drinking at.

He was treated at hospital for the cuts on his head.

Police arrested Beasley on December 4.

The court heard at the time of the offences Beasley had no prior convictions or criminal history and had a"very creditable work history".

Justice Kelly said the five year marriage was generally a happy one until Beasley's partner stopped working and started drinking more, and had since been violent towards her.

"It does seem that you started drinking too. And clearly, alcohol played a big part in leading you to commit these offences."

"I accept also that there was a considerable degree of provocation when you arrived and saw your husband in bed with (the woman).

Beasley was sentenced to two and a half years jail.






Originally published as Woman stabbed seven times by jealous wife 'could have died'