The proposed boundary changes means Calliope will be gone from the Gladstone electorate.
The proposed boundary changes means Calliope will be gone from the Gladstone electorate. Chris Lees

Woman so disillusioned she might not vote

IVERAGH resident Yvonne Cooper has become so disillusioned she might not vote. Ms Cooper is upset about proposed changes which would force Calliope from the Gladstone electorate into Callide.

"I believe voting is a responsibility and a privilege and it should not be discarded lightly or nullified by ill-considered decisions,” she said.

"I've always made my vote count. This electoral change could disenfranchise me as I feel my vote would count for nothing in the Callide electorate.”

Ms Cooper has made a formal submission against the changes to the Queensland Redistribution Commission.

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher has previouslyexpressed his disappointment about losing Calliope from his electorate.

Ms Cooper said it made no sense for Calliope and other places within Gladstone Regional Council's area to move into a new electorate.

"I feel our electoral roles are very much out of date and I hope the decision was made on the current population figures for the Gladstone area and not on the inflated figures that occurred during the last few years of the construction boom,” she said.

"We go to Gladstone to attend schools, hospitals and other health services, childcare, churches, shopping centres and entertainment facilities.

"I've lived here for 35 years and don't want to be represented by the member for Callide.

"I want to be able to call the Gladstone member and have them deal with my concerns promptly.”

Like Mr Butcher, Ms Cooper was concerned about the future of the proposed high school in Calliope.

"I doubt it will be a priority for the Callide member,” she said.

The Iveragh resident said she was concerned people were not taking the situation seriously and did not realise the potential ramifications.

The final determination of boundaries will be done on May 26. There then will be a 21-day appeal period.