Lara Jade Downey, 18, pleaded guilty to wilful damage.
Lara Jade Downey, 18, pleaded guilty to wilful damage.

Woman snapped East Shores plant after day at the races

A Gladstone woman who snapped a $200 plant while on a drunken day out, has appeared in court.

Lara Jade Downey, 18, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to one count of wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Merrilyn Hoskins read the facts of Downey's case to the court and Magistrate Bevan Manthey.

The informant in this case was a member of staff from Gladstone Ports Corporation.

At 10.11pm on Saturday, October 24, the informant viewed Downey walking through the East Shores park on Flinders parade via CCTV footage.

Downey was seen walking up to a small tree, worth $200, which had recently been planted.

She grabbed the tree and bent it backwards until it snapped in half.

She then left in the direction of Gladstone's CBD.

On December 15, Downey attended the Tannum Sands police station.

She told police that on the day of the incident she had been consuming alcohol since the early morning and had attended the Gladstone races.

She said she was "bar-hopping" when she saw the tree and snapped it.

Downey stated she thought it would be a funny thing to do.

Magistrate Manthey placed Downey on a nine-month good behaviour order with a $300 recognisance.

She was also ordered to pay $200 restitution to GPC.