A woman has been left shaken after a road rage scare.
A woman has been left shaken after a road rage scare. Contributed

Terrifying road rage experience has woman living in fear

A WOMAN from the Bundaberg region is living in fear after a terrifying experience on her way to work.

An encounter with a rider from a motorcycle group on her way to work on Tuesday has left her shaken after he kicked her car door whilst she was driving.

"I was coming through road works at Bingera and there were cars in front of me, we were behind a slow moving vehicle," she said.

"We were trying to overtake before the double lines started and this bike came roaring up behind me and he was shaking his head because he thought he had the right of way but he had to follow the traffic like the rest of us.

"When I overtook the vehicle I quickly got back into the lane to give him enough space if he wanted to keep going and as he came up beside me he kicked my door and gave me the bird."

She said the man continued to ride dangerously.

She claimed he took photos of her car as he drove past, continually braked hard in front of her and attempted to intimidate her by pulling over at the Bundaberg Police Station and sitting there on his bike, arms crossed and staring at her as she drove past.

The woman said she drove to her workplace.

She said rather than stop at the police station she called the authorities and left a message.

"I was a bit concerned throughout the day and kept my guard up," the woman said.

Days on from the incident, the woman said her anxiety levels are "through the roof".

"I'm keeping busy to take my mind off it, but I'm at a crossroads with what to do," she said.

"If I make a statement and take him to court I have to face him there and he's got photos of my car so I'm afraid of what he or his mates might do.

"But if I do nothing, he could go out there and do it again to someone else.

"I'm just not sure if I want that animosity."