A Gladstone woman refused to do a drug test because her mouth hurt.
A Gladstone woman refused to do a drug test because her mouth hurt.

Woman refused to take drug test because her ‘mouth hurt’

A GLADSTONE woman refused to provide a salvia specimen because she said it hurt her mouth.

Sheree Ann Bennett-Wood tested positive for a relevant drug on a roadside drug test on October 30, 2019 but denied recent drug use.

She was required to provide a specimen of salvia for further analysis but said she had a sore gum and lower jaw.

After 10 minutes of the test she became fidgety and said her mouth hurt and she would not continue.

She again said her mouth hurt.

Bennett-Wood was later caught drink driving, on September 29 this year where she blew 0.050 and again on October 28 when she blew 0.069.

The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court on November 25.

Defence lawyer Bianca Wierland told the court her client had thought on both drink driving occasions she would have been fine to drive.

She said Bennett-Wood was not a regular drug user and she was not sure how the drugs got into her system.

Bennett-Wood was sentenced to 12 months probation and disqualified from driving for eight months. Convictions were recorded.

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