Woman hit by bus to sue over lack of signage

A COFFS Harbour woman hit by a bus on the Gold Coast is set to sue a Queensland light rail consortium over a lack of warning signs near a construction site. 

The personal injury claim relates to an incident in January where the woman suffered head injuries after she was struck as she crossed the road near a Scarborough St construction site.   

Her lawyers Slater and Gordon have filed proceedings against Queensland light rail consortium GoldlinQ, claiming signage was inadequate and their client has suffered permanent tissue and nerve damage.

Solicitor Kevin Zhang said it's believed other tourists were struck by a car at the site weeks earlier.

"With entrances to a major shopping centre on both sides of the road, the safety of pedestrians and shoppers ought to have been a paramount concern by all entities responsible for the light rail construction," Mr Zhang said. 

He said public authorities and construction companies may be held liable for any inadequate signs and are responsible for material changes in road conditions.