A Gladstone woman grew marijuana to take instead of morphine.
A Gladstone woman grew marijuana to take instead of morphine.

Woman grew cannabis to use instead of morphine

A GLADSTONE woman caught growing marijuana told a court she only grew the drug because the morphine she was taking was “killing her.”

Amanda Jane Edwards, 61, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to producing drugs and possessing anything used in the commissioning of a crime.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd told the court that on November 17 last year, police searched a Clinton address where they located a large grow tent with five marijuana plants, averaging 50cm tall.

Inside was light and heating, and fans were positioned inside and outside of the tent.

Police also located 7g of marijuana on the kitchen table and PH solution.

Edwards told police she had no knowledge of the marijuana and said the items weren’t hers.

She said she was renting out a room to another tenant who was not on the lease, and she believed the marijuana was a herb of some description.

Self-represented in court, Edwards tendered a letter from a medical centre.

She said she didn’t agree with the facts about the marijuana found in the kitchen.

“It was only leaf,” she said.

“It wasn’t proper marijuana.”

However she conceded to the facts about producing the drug.

“The morphine I take was killing me,” Edwards said.

“It was for me, nobody else.”

Edwards apologised for the offence and said she wouldn’t do it again.

She was convicted and fined $500.

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