Supplied  Fwd: VID Bolshoi ballerina dismembered and dissolved in acid
Supplied Fwd: VID Bolshoi ballerina dismembered and dissolved in acid

Woman ‘dissolved in acid’ over naked photos

A professional ballerina who has been missing for six years is believed to have died a horrific death after being blackmailed over sexually compromising images of her, police believe.

Russian investigators are said to be pursuing a new lead in the case of 25-year-old Olga Demina, who vanished in 2014.

It's thought the dancer, who performed at the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, was dismembered and her body dissolved in sulphuric acid as part of an alleged blackmail plot, according to The Sun.

Reports claim the male blackmailer possessed "sexually compromising" pictures of Demina, naming her "manager" and "lover" Malkhaz Dzhavoev, 40, as the prime suspect.

Dzhavoev was extradited from Germany on an Interpol warrant and held in Moscow after fleeing from Russia in 2017 while posing as a Kurdish refugee, the report states.

He was recently released from prison after serving five and a half years for fraud involving an apartment belonging to Demina's boyfriend Alexey Fetisov.

However, while behind bars, Dzhavoev "let slip" that the ballerina's body "was dismembered and dissolved in acid", a police source said.

Her remains are believed to have been discarded in a well near a lake.

"Search work is underway there now. Sulfuric acid does dissolve everything to zero," the source told local Russian news outlet East2West News.

"Some body fragments should be preserved, but they still need to be found."

Before she disappeared, Dzhavoev allegedly took Demina on a trip to dance at a night spot for a group of businessmen.

It's claimed Dzhavoev and his father bought the acid used to dispose of Demina's body from an industrial supplier.

Demina's mother told the East2West News she was informed that new information had emerged in the case.

"The (alleged) killer murdered her and then dismembered the corpse … then he dissolved parts of the corpse in acid," she said.

She also claimed her daughter had paid a large amount of money to Dzhavoev before her disappearance, payment for the "sexually compromising" images of her she was terrified would emerge.

"Shortly before her death, she sold her Peugeot car. She went to sell it with Dzhavoev. He took the money," she claimed. "Olga also had loans in her name and gave the money to Dzhavoev. She was completely at his mercy."

She also stated that despite handing over the cash, the nude photos were posted online.

Dzhavoev's lawyer has denied any wrongdoing by his client, claiming Demina may have left the country.

"We have information that Olga Demina was long dreaming of leaving Russia and arranging her personal life abroad," the lawyer said.

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