WITHOUT TRUCKS AUSTRALIA STOPS: Fraser’s livestock transportation fleet.
WITHOUT TRUCKS AUSTRALIA STOPS: Fraser’s livestock transportation fleet.

'Without us, Australia stops'

TRUCK driver and compliance manager at Fraser's Livestock Transport Athol Carter says the waves he receives on the road encourage truckies to keep going.

That's why he encouraged National Wave to a truckie day on Friday.

"It's certainly embedded in out culture and it's gives everyone a smile, making their day," he said.

Mark Collins, a local driver for nearly thirty years says truckies often get a bad rap.

"Yeah, it's nice to do this because I think they don't always get support," he said.

Mr Carter agrees, saying it's due to lack of understanding.

"I think its just a you the lack of understanding and education of the contribution that we give to society and the economy," he said.

"Without us, Australia stops."

In Australia, the freight transport sector employs over 190,000 people and generates over $54 billion in revenue for the economy.

"Everything gets delivered off the back of a truck except babies," Mr Carter said.

"If you look around everything you see in one way or another has at some point been delivered off the back of a truck."

Driving trucks less these days, Mr Carter also recognised the toll of constant travel truck drivers face.

"You miss out on a lot of family and social things but you also get to seen places in Australia you'd never normally see," he said.

"It's the simple things in life that make a difference and honking your horn at kids or being waved at makes someone's day and brings a smile to their face."